Happy FRIDAY!! I put this picture as the lock screen on my phone this week and it makes me smile. It’s from my sweet friend’s wedding in August (it was a BLAST). She had a great photo booth! Check out those props! Grant was lovin the miniature sombrero headband. Haha, yes it was a headband!! :) The bottom right, I’d like to call that my FRIDAY FACE!! and a fist pump! ;) Happy Friday, folks!! If you’re interested, here’s a  few great links from around the web. Some of my favorite blogs do a “link roundup//friday link pack” and I always think it’s so interesting to see what people find on the internet. It’s such a biggggg place :) It’s fun to share! Have you read/seen anything cool recently? Here are a few things I found…..

Love this blog. He has an incredible capacity to think outside the box…The merchants of average.

Currently reading this book. So scientific. So interesting.

“Farewell? I never say farewell.”

Gorgeous blankets for winter nights.

SOMEONE has to make a more affordable version of this table. Woah. It’s a stunner.

Domino is back!!! 

Frida! >>Here’s to hoping we have a little girl! (At some point in the future!!) :)


1 thought on “FRIDAY Face

  1. Hi Meg, take these cute photos, make 6, 6″ squares, fold in half then turn fold again then turn diagonally and fold and put end in then glue all six squares.  Looks so cute especially with these cute photos,   love you very cute Meg:)


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