Superfood Frittata Pizza :: Kale, Onion, Sausage, Peppers and Broccoli ::


We planned to have this for Sunday brunch, but I didn’t end up making it until the middle of the day, so it became dinner. Yum!! This was my first frittata and it was a hit! We both loved it. Last night I ate it with a little pesto on top and I also had it for breakfast this morning. :) Great protein punch and it’s a perfect way to use up extra veggies that are close to going off. I always seem to have stray veggies that go bad. I’m trying to work on using them up, so they don’t go to waste. Just chop what you have, add eggs, and bake! Here are the steps I followed:


PREHEAT OVEN:  350 degrees
TOTAL COOK TIME: approx 40minutes (depends on how thick your frittata is)

 >>> You can really use ANY veggies/protein that you want in your frittata. These are the ingredients that I used because I had them on hand. It was a good mix!
1 Turkey Kilbasa Sasuage (large link)
1 onion
1 green bell pepper
2 cups kale
1 1/2 c. broccoli florets
1 potato
15 eggs (my pan was huge!)

1 >> I sliced a potato that we had in our pantry using this mandolin and lined the bottom of the pan with the thin slices. *Optional, of course!

2>> I added a whole bunch of kale on top of the potatoes.

3>> After chopping up the sausage and veggies I added them on top of the kale + potatoes.

4>>  Whisk the eggs and add in your spices. I initially only used 10 eggs and then had to continue to add more to cover all my veggies. The pan I used was huge, so I think I ended up using 15 eggs (11 eggs, 4 egg white). I also used the Williams Sonoma pizza spice mix (pictured below) to add some good flavor! The mix has the following ingredients: Garlic, sun-dried tomato, California chili, cayenne pepper flakes, onion, sea salt, basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme, black pepper.

5>>  Pour eggs & spices over your veggies. Your eggs should cover all your veggies. Add more if you need to.

spices6>> Finally, bake your frittata for about 40minutes. Mine was really thick. I ended up broiling it for 7-8minutes at the end to finish cooking the center/top. You’ll have to play around with the time depending on the size/thickness of your pan.

sideViewLike I said above, I ate my frittata slice with a bit of pesto on top! I was surprised how easy this meal came together. We’ll probably have it for breakfast every day this week. That thing is a beast!! It’s like 3 inches thick! haha. I’m sure you could make a frittata in a lasagna pan, too, or a ceramic baking dish.  At some point I want to try it with butternut squash layered on the bottom, or sweet potatoes layered throughout and maybe add in a little cheese next time. Yes. Yum. Enjoy!!!

sign off

P.S. A few other delicious fall recipes: butternut squash fries and butternut squash soup with apples & coconut cream 

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