A Prince is born!


Even though I’m a few days late, I had to post on the royal baby! I was so excited for Will & Kate.  Kate looked beautiful. She is such a good example of elegance and poise. Let’s not get started with Will! :) It will be fun to watch little George grow up.

Thanks to my mom, my sisters and I are anglophiles!l It started long ago when we first watched the 6 hour BBC Pride and Prejudice. Then we watched all Charles Dickens movies and the love affair has only grown. My younger sister is studying abroad in Oxford, England next semester! So cool right?!! I think she’ll marry an Englishman! :)

So many of my favorite people/things have come from England: Jane Austin, C.S. Lewis, William Shakespeare, J.M.W Turner (incredible landscape artist), C.H. Spurgeon, JK Rowling (ahhhhh Harry Potter!), David Beckham, Westminster Abbey, TEA!!! I’ve had several cups of tea this week in honor of the newest addition to The Royal Family! :) A few of my favorite English things below.


1// Walkers Scottie Dog Shortbread Cookies  2// Queen Diamond Jubilee Teapot 3// All You Need is Tea print 4// Harrods Earl Grey Tea 5// British Royal Guard Tea Towel 6// Union Jack teacup 7// Kate’s Sapphire

I had to include The Royal Wedding.  There are more beautiful images of Will & Kate on their website: The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge.


sources: top images via, royal wedding via

2 thoughts on “A Prince is born!

  1. I’m an anglophile too, but thanks to my grandma! I found out that I get to teach “Pride and Prejudice” as part of the 12th grade curriculum next school year and I’m so excited. And I think Kate is so classy and elegant; I’m happy that she seems so happy. :)

    • That’s awesome you’ll be teaching P+P this fall! You’ll have to teach those boys to appreciate it ;) Jane Eyre is also a favorite. I saw on your blog that you studied at Oxford too! That’s so cool. I know my sister will love it! :) Thanks for stopping by!

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