Let’s P A R T Y!

It’s my mom’s birthday on Thursday and we’re planning a party! My parents live overseas and they’re not around for most of the year, so we like to go all out for my mom’s birthday because it falls in the summer when we’re all together. Last year we got all dressed up and had a surprise tea party for her complete with a few of her favorite things: brie cheese, assorted chocolates, Earl Grey tea, Walker’s shortbread cookies all accompanied by the Pride & Prejudice soundtrack. This year we’re going to surprise her with a festive picnic downtown Naperville and we’re all going to ride the paddle boats. She’s been trying to get us to go paddle boating all summer! :) Here’s what I’ve been brainstorming. The tassels are from Confetti System. They have gorgeous party pieces. Most of their things are pretty pricey, so I plan on making my own. Links below:

1// confetti system  
2// cheese plate
3// striped wooden utensils
4// macarons, source unknown
5// ikat cocktail napkins (I bought these at Sur la Table)
6// fruit salad
7// tribal pillow


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