“Greatness demands everything. Sacrifice is only the beginning.

moon The hours it takes to move something beyond “good enough” crush some, but you are different. You sacrifice to create work that is exceptional, timeless, flawless. Offer up your best work — in fact, offer up your self. Judgment is the only way to tell where the bar is, and if you’ve surpassed it.


Judgment is final. There is no appeal.


In order to be considered among the best, you must be judged by the best. It’s time to find out whether you measure up. Will your name be recorded? Will you join the ranks of those oft-spoken names that came before you? You must present yourself to find out. Talent only gets you so far. Courage delivers you.”

“Archive13 recognizes outstanding achievements in Chicago graphic design. All selected works become part of the Chicago Design Archive permanent collection.”


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